The poet of absence

By Antonio Contiero

There’s someone still dealing with the useless Art of Poetry in times suspended over mountains of rubbish and vacuity, the Man of the Absence examines with ancient wisdom the infinitesimal detail which only the eye trained to the signifier can perceive.

The infinity beyond the bridge

By Alfredo Gianolio

He considers himself as “a worthy disciple of Ghirri”, but then adds that it’s not fair doing exactly what his master did. Then he insists in declaring he is absolutely against gushy photos and against all the images which try to be successful through eccentricity, strangeness, strong colours.

Silenzi (1978 – 2008)

Short presentation by the artist Riccardo Varini This is a thirty-year work which I think symbolises me most. Started in 1979, it includes mainly traditional photos and slides which have been transported into CD for filing reasons and slightly retouched with Photoshop just to make them cleaner. They are all printed on cotton paper 100%…

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